About Us.

The story of a great place

La Brasa comes from a search for ones calling and the undoubtable magic of life as soon as you set forth with a set of honest intentions.

We ended up working our ways up mainly in the Service Industry, from waiting to Hosting to bartending to cooking and eventually managing.

Our favorite thing to do was prepare authentic Argentinian Asados for our friends as our tradition states. Steaks, wood fire and smoke. Pouring red wine, enjoying a good talk with great company. A true feast!

We decided we wanted take our vocation for service and our passion of the Argentinian Asado and combine them. We want to be a little bit more than just a Restaurant. Instead of serving our clients, we would like to tend to our guests and friends, offer them a place to feel at home.

Eventually what started as a Food-truck in November 2018 has evolved into a type of ‘Cantina’/Restaurant for everyone to come and enjoy life.

Our Team

We are three best friends that loves family, surf and good steaks.







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